Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 Game in Preview!

 2014 was a great year. We managed to produce our 100th issue of Acts of Villainy and are well on our way to the 100th issue of AoV: Solo. We also released a great Free Comic Book Day module that spanned a handful of universes and three systems. Overall, CD and I were pretty pleased with 2014 and appreciate all of you who have purchased and used Acts of Villainy books in your campaigns.

2015 will see the AoV lines continue, particularly AoV: Solo. This weekend marked our in-house planning session where we discussed the upcoming issues for this year. And, while everything isn’t set in stone, there are some things that might interest a few of you coming up.

February 2015 marks our AoV: Teen Month. During this month, all the villains will be teens that have turned to a life of villainy. Kicking it off will be AoV: Team #6 – The Brain Trust! Gathered together for evil, these teen mentalists will be a challenge even for some of the most seasoned heroes. Along with this team will be two new Solo issues, each with a teen villain to challenge your campaign’s heroes.

March 2015 brings March Mook Madness! Throughout the month of March, the theme will be filled with those C-List villains that are only marginally above minions. Among them, we may produce an AoV: Duo issue for the event if we have time. We may also have something special for GM’s Day.

Our next big event will be in May, which brings back Hero Month for 2015! This year, we’re hoping to detail a hero team, as well as a few other Solo characters. This month will also feature a new Free Comic Book Day issue, which will, in the spirit of the day, be another free issue which may or may not feature an adventure.

June 2015 will bring a free RPG issue of AoV: Schemes to the world. While the details aren’t exactly hammered out yet, it will be released in conjunction with Free RPG Day and include at least one free villain.

July 2015 will be Canadian Villain Appreciation Month, with our first villain being featured on Canada Day. Each villain will be Canadian in origin, with the potential of a team being released if there’s enough time.

As with every October, 2015 will focus on the supernatural and magical and introduce more creatures of the night and sinister sorcerers to use in your campaigns. As of this writing, we’ve got at least a Duo that we’re considering for the month.

Though we don’t have a release on this yet, we are looking at potentially bringing back the Tribute Universe glossary in wiki format or on this blog. We’d love to hear input from our fans on how useful this would be as a tool for your campaigns.

In addition to the schedule, we’d like to hear how you’re using the Acts of Villainy line in your campaign. So, starting in February, we’re taking submissions for The Great Tales of Villainy contest! Write a paragraph letting us know how the AoV villains have been used in your campaign and you’ll be entered to win a full month of free AoV issues and be included in a future issue! Please submit all entries to by March 1st, 2015 at midnight. We’ll then read them over, along with a few special guest judges, and announce the winner via our blog on GM’s Day (3/4/15). Please keep in mind that all entries become the property of Sketchpad Studio and will only be used for promotional purposes.

We’ve had a few people ask us about HeroLab and we’ve been listening. Beginning this year, we’ll be starting to publish HeroLab portfolio files along with the PDFs. However, we won’t be starting this until after May, as we’re also working on the backlog of villains as well. In fact, as time permits, we’ll be steadily updating the older files a bit to fit into the format of current files. Please note: everyone who purchased an older version of these files will receive an updated version free of charge.

2015 looks to be a great year for Acts of Villainy and Acts of Heroism. Stay tuned to our social media pages and our blog for any news or information that may be coming up. Until then, stay villainous!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Acts of Villainy Day: Like a Bird of Prey!

We round out the first month of 2015 with a high-flying villain! Once a test pilot looking for a rush, Osprey is now a villain-for-hire on the west coast. Equipped with an experimental wing harness and a array of deadly energy weapons, he's ready to meet your heroes head on! Osprey, only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #89 and only 99¢!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Acts of Villainy Day: Thisss Ssssnake Hasss Bite!

Our second release for 2015 is now available! Once a petty criminal, the villain known as Naga was destined to be something greater. Armed with incredible martial prowess and a cult of followers, he bides his time, hoping to steal artifacts and eventually subjugate the world! Naga, only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #88 and only 99¢!
Bring Naga to Your Game Table Today!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015's First Act of Villainy!

Acts of Villainy bursts into 2015 with an international menace to plague your heroes! A cruel mercenary and assassin that's been in the business for well over sixty years, Grendel is ready to take your heroes head on. Whether its at range or hand-to-hand, he'll make them wish they've never met him. Grendel, only 99¢ and only in Acts of Villainy:Solo #87!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Reality Itself In The Palm Of His Hands!

Bring villainy to your next game with the latest Acts of Villainy! Created to be a weapon for H.A.D.E.S., Adam VIII has proven himself useful both as a scientist and a field agent for the rogue science group. Armed with reality warping powers and an amazing intellect, he's ready to lead a squad in your next adventure, or to take on the heroes by himself! Adam VIII, only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #86 and only 99¢!

Recruit Adam VIII for Your Next Game!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The latest Acts of Villainy: Teams is back with the rogue science agency known as H.A.D.E.S.! Seeking to conqueror the world through science and technology, the group is ready to show their faces in your campaign today! With cells all around the world, can your heroes beat them? Or will they fall to their evil plans? H.A.D.E.S., only in AoV: Teams #5 and only $4.99!
Grab H.A.D.E.S. today!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Acts of Villainy Day: Fighting Good By Shadows...

Acts of Villainy: Solo #85 is now LIVE! With the darkest of magic at her disposal, Sister Shade is ready to show your heroes what evil REALLY is! Armed with magical devices and with arcane knowledge, she'll be a great addition to your Halloween adventure or any scenario where magic is needed. Sister Shade, only in Acts of Villainy: Solo #85 and only 99¢! We'll see you the first Wednesday in November with an all new issue!

Recruite Sister Shade into your villainous agendas today!